Doctor's verdict: stomach flu

I got some anti-nausea pills. I'm done with my saltine crackers and okayu (rice porridge) diet, moving on to yogurt, jello, afghani flatbread, double fiber english muffins and nutella... I know this is a shameful diet for a self-proclaimed foodie.

Some symptoms persist but I can finally type, write, read without feeling too sick so I'm making progress on emails, applications, packing list and finishing up things to do before I leave. I narrowed down my grad school applications to 5 in the country, 2 out of the country! (7 still sounds like a lot but it's a huge improvement) I tend to get overzealous and burn out so I still have to remember to take it easy since I'm not really better yet.

I thought of saying praise the Lord for healing, but praise Him either way! I'm very grateful for slowly getting better though :)